Extension of the Knox Unconformity Production Trend into Guernsey County, Ohio, via Marcellus/Utica multi-client 3D Seismic

November 19, 2020

In the past decade, thousands of square miles of high-quality multi-client 3d seismic data has been acquired on behalf of large operators developing Appalachia’s well-known Marcellus and Utica unconventional plays. Rarely has this data resource been exploited for the development of conventional prospects, since large shale operators typically lack interest in conventional drilling, while smaller operators are hesitant to risk significant $ on exploratory 3d. The author, through a collaboration with TGS, has done detailed mapping/interpretation on the Knox Unconformity (Beekmantown subcrop), which shows dozens of beautiful erosional remnants, suggesting a substantial eastward extension of the Knox Unconformity producing trend. Locations of remnants sometimes appear related to early fault movement, and amplitude variation may give clues for predicting the best karst-enhanced reservoirs.