Interpretation and Integration of Core and Wireline Log Data of the Copper Ridge Dolomite in Morrow County, Ohio for potential CO2 storage.

Battelle has collected whole and rotary sidewall cores as a part of their evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of CO2 utilization and storage. Whole and rotary sidewall cores and advanced wireline logs from the Knox Dolomite Group, specifically the Copper Ridge Dolomite, from a Morrow County, Ohio well, represents a uniquely complete data set for the Cambrian-Ordovician section in the Appalachian Basin and will be available for viewing following the presentation. The data set comprises of whole and side-wall core, conventional and advanced wireline logs and formation well testing. 


This presentation will provide an interpretation of the whole core and rotary sidewall core data collected and a comparison of porosity, permeability, grain densities, and lithology of core and logged data. Considerations for potential stacked storage and subsurface containment will be explored.