Lessons Learned from Wireline Logs and Core Analysis of an Appalachian Basin Cambrian-Ordovician Core: Exploration for Vugular Carbonate

May 13, 2016

Battelle has collected significant sections of whole core as a part of their Carbon Sequestration research efforts. Two of these wells, located in Mason County, West Virginia, represent a uniquely complete data set for the Cambrian-Ordovician section in the Appalachian Basin and will be available for viewing following the presentation. The data set comprises whole and side-wall core, conventional and advanced wireline logs, mud logs and formation well testing. 

This presentation will provide a comparison of porosity and permeability values from different data sets across multiple scales of measurement including CT Scans; core derived porosity and permeability; conventional wireline porosity; nuclear magnetic resonance derived porosity and permeability and well test results. Relationships between stratigraphy and the development of vugular porosity will be explored.