Ohio Geological Society Webinar, Thursday, January 21, 1 PM, Morphological Karst Mapping in Ohio, Douglas Aden, Ohio Geological Survey

The Ohio Geological Survey has mapped karst in Ohio since 2009. Field mapping of sinkholes has suggested that geomorphological parameters vary between the Bellevue, Delaware, Hillsboro, and Springfield karst regions. Statistical tests confirm that these parameters distinguish the four regions. An understanding of how they differ and what causes those differences can be used to better manage these karst features. Differences between sinkholes within each region were quantified using nine parameters derived from digital elevation model (DEM) analysis. These parameters included: depth, perimeter, area, volume, length of major and minor axes, eccentricity, circularity index, and orientation of karst features. Improved knowledge of the differences between these regions will assist in mitigating and avoiding these geologic hazards.