OGS Scholarships

2018-2019 Application for Scholarship for Member’s Children/Grandchildren and Student Members

The Ohio Geological Society (OGS) is sponsoring two Scholarships for the coming academic year (2018-2019). The highest award, the John Robert Lockett Scholarship, is for $1,500.00, and the second one will be in the amount of $1,000.00. The awards will be determined by the OGS Scholarship Committee and announced at the May 2018 meeting of the Society. The award will be paid directly to the student, not to the educational institution. These are one year awards, and will not be automatically renewed; however, the student may apply for any subsequent year’s OGS Scholarship as they are announced.

Eligibility Requirements

Any scholarship awarded by the Ohio Geological Society is contingent upon the following conditions. The successful candidates must be accepted at or enrolled in a full time undergraduate studies program at an accredited College or University for the 2018-2019 year. They must be the biological or adopted children or grandchildren of current OGS members, the Sponsored Applicant of such a Member as a Sponsor, or be a current Student Member of the Society. To be considered for the award, applications must be complete and meet the conditions as specified within the application.

The eligibility requirements will be substantially the same as previous years. Any changes will be minor, and intended to expand the pool of candidates.


All information requested and provided in the application will be kept strictly confidential, and not shared with anyone outside the Scholarship Committee process for any other purposes. The Application process includes a step to insure the anonymity of the applicant during the evaluation by the Committee.

The complete application form will be available either on-line at ohiogeosoc.org, or by contacting Clark Scheerens at 614 562-1178. Applications will be accepted between now and no later than April 23, 2018.

Essay Topic

This year’s (2018-2019) Essay Topic is:

As part of a Bill recently passed by the US Congress, a large area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska has been opened for the express purpose of oil (and gas) drilling. This immediately circumvents some previous environmental restrictions on more than 92,000 acres, and opens even more acreage over the next ten years. Is this a necessary or desirable shift in US Government policy. Choose a position and provide supporting discussion.

2018-2019 OGS Scholarship Application