OGS Grants and Scholarships Sponsorships

The Ohio Geological Society (OGS) sponsors scholarships of $1,000 to 1,500.00 per year to children and grandchildren of members of the OGS, as funds permit. The awards are determined by the OGS Scholarship Committee. In addition, the Society has established an OGS Named Grant administered by the AAPG Foundation which awards a yearly $1,000+ grant to an Ohio Graduate Student.

2016 OGS Scholarship Recipients

  • Jared Grubaugh, Ohio State University, $1500
  • Rahul Gupta, Ohio State University, $1000
  • Zach Zody, Ohio Northern University, $1000

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2016 OGS Named Grant Recipient

  • Julie Bloxson, $2000, Case Western Reserve University

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